How to move?


Moving with a moving company


Moving can be both one of the most exciting and most stressful experiences of your life. The trick to a painless move is to prepare your bullet-proof moving plan well ahead of schedule and to execute your plan when the time comes. Organization, efficiency, and forethought will help relieve you of any moving woes that may come your way. If you’d like to know how to move while maintaining your sanity and to maybe even have a little fun in the process, just follow these easy steps.


1. Research to find the best company.

If you want to move with the help of a moving company, you will have to spend a lot more money for your move, but you will save yourself from the stress of having to move your boxes, drive a moving truck, and unload your boxes. Finding the right moving company is a big commitment so you need to do your research carefully before you make a decision.

  • Avoid the Internet at first. This is the easiest way to get caught in a moving scam. Instead, check out the listings in your phone book, call a local real estate agent, or ask friends for their recommendations.
  • Pick a place that will do an in-home estimate. If they won’t, hang up the phone.
  • Make sure the company will be doing it themselves, and not sub-contracting to have someone else do it.
  • Make sure the company can give you a “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet.
  • Get as much information about the company as you can. Try to pick a company that has been in business for at least ten years. Ask about the included services, and for a list of references.


2. Once you’ve narrowed your search to two or three companies, go online to find out if they are legitimate.

You’ll need to have the company’s DOT and MC license numbers to do this. Now you can make sure that the company is not only authorized to perform your move, but that they have insurance to do it.


  • First, check out Type those DOT and MC numbers into the site and see what comes up.
  • Next, make sure the company checks out on the ‘FMCSA Licensing & Insurance site’ link on the bottom of the report you get about the company.
  • Last, check out the Better Business Report to read up on the company.


3. Have the company come to make an assessment.

The company will send a representative to check out all of your stuff and to give you an estimate about how much it will cost to move it all. The company will give you an estimate based on what they see in your home.

  • Don’t use a company that will only give you an estimate based on cubic feet.
  • If you really want to find the best company, you can arrange to have two or three companies to come and make an assessment and pick the one with the best service and best prices. But this will be more time-consuming.


4. Make a deal with the moving company.

Decide on a rate that works for both of you, and sign a contract that is well-detailed and suits your needs. Never sign a blank contract. Through your arrangement, you will decide on the moving date.


5. Move with the movers.

Now that you’ve chosen your moving company and have decided on a date, it’s time to prepare for the big move. Though you won’t be doing any heavy lifting, you should still be around when the movers transport and unload your stuff. This will be an exception if you’re arranging them to move your stuff into your new place when you won’t be there.


  • When the movers are unloading your stuff, stay out of their way. Don’t offer to help unless they have questions.
  • Reward your movers. Once they’ve done their hard work, or even while they’re doing their hard work, order some lunch for them if you want to be nice. And make sure to give them a generous tip.


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