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Reviews of our house or condo moving services
 Pre-moving caution
  • If the customer has already sent a picture. There are some pictures that do not open cabinets or open drawers or send 10 photos and want to move more. We won’t be moving. and If there is any problem caused by customers, the company can refuse to move work that will cause problems in the future. And will not refund the 50% deposit because it is considered a loss of benefits that day.
  • If there is any problem during work. If there is a problem, it cannot continue working for the customer. The customer must have allow my team to unpack all packing materials and return it to us within that day. For the deposit, we not return to you.  It is a cost benefit that the company should receive.
  • If there are any requirements or practices during the covid period that customers or related parties want from the company. The customer must notify the company 7 days in advance and you must be responsible for all expenses incurred for us such as Swab test , Antigen Test Kit , Vaccine passport , medical certificate or others. Please check your origin and destination of building manager before the moving date arrives.
  • We will only transport items according to pictures and information that you provide. If you need to pack and transport items other than the items you send us, we will not be able to pack or transport them for you. Unless you agree to pay for services from the additional items However, it is up to the company’s discretion whether to receive the additional service or not. Because if packing materials or boxes are not enough, we have to return the materials to the warehouse. The company may not be able to receive this service. Therefore, you should check all items before giving the item to the customer service to reduce problems on site.
  • We do not accept high-value items such as banknotes, gold, rings, brandname goods, amulets, wristwatches, important documents, title deeds, guns, chemicals, flammable materials, and any other illegal items. You should keep and take it yourself. Please be informed in advance.
  • We do not accept moving items outside of the bidding list. All pets, pianos, built-in furniture, nailed wooden furniture, air conditioning, water heaters, curtains, mud flaps, water filters, chandeliers, fish tank and plants are unmovable.
  • The service that we are absolutely unable to provide is removal, drilling, or nailing walls, windows, doors, jamb, and door.
  • Cleaning of premises, furniture or appliances is not included in the moving service.  
  • Moving items up or down the stairs. If the customer does not inform in advance or unable to move via elevator then have to move by stairs We will charge an additional cost of 400 baht per floor per piece per floor (items moved via stairs must not weight more than 80 kg.) And we do not accept moving via balcony or window, except for houses not exceeding 3 floors. We provide free stair moving services. For more information please ask customer service.
  • The customer should notify the building permission about the elevator and should request parking to the moving team in advance for smooth on the day of moving.
  • The six wheels truck can run only from 9am – 3pm and 8pm – 5 am.

The above price including 
– Normal insurance 
– Packing materials and boxes (Please return boxes on moving date)
– Vehicle for moving from origin to destination
– Moving staff which is our own full-time staff who has experience in moving, wearing a mask and checking temperature every day plus use of alcohol hand sanitizer.
– Vehicles used for transportation such as high roof pickup trucks (Our special truck can remove the roof to enter the parking building), six wheels container truck, pickup truck with high roof van (removable roof), etc.
– Various moving equipment materials such as cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets, air bubbles, stretch films, trolleys, etc.
– We provide floor coverings and cover the elevators with compressed carpets to prevent damage during moving.
– All furniture products that are disassembled and assembled. We are responsible for the quality of service up to 90 days. You can be confident (the only one in Thailand)*


The above price excludes:
– Thai VAT 7%
– If furnitures or goods items that are not in the photos. We do not moving and we do not moving on that day. It is our right for not do the job.
– Piano moving service
– Trucks and car parking fee
– Insurance premium (if need)
– Boxes (if you want to keep it and not return on moving day) Please return our boxes on the moving date. If you do not return it. We will charge 60 baht per medium box and Wardrobe box with hanging 360 baht per box
– Moving service on Saturday Sunday and holidays, we will add more overtime from weekday prices (please contact the person who quote to you)
– Do not accept to move goods other than the photos you send to us for do a quotation.
– Does not include parking fees, OT elevator fees, the customer must pay for us.
– Do not accept moving furniture or any other items who cannot enter the elevator or cannot enter the door normally or cannot go up the stairs of the house.
– Do not accept to move built-in furniture, water heater, air conditioners, chandeliers, curtains, blinds, wall lights, water tanks.
– We will not accept parts or furniture that are not disassembled by our team. We do not accept disassembly or moving of built-in furniture. Even though the technician has taken it apart for us. You have to move it yourself or have the furniture dismantling contractor do the move.
– We do not accept any modifications to furniture that are different from the original designs that we remove from the origin to the destination. It must be assembled according to the original design only.
– Does not include moving by stairs of high-rise buildings. Excluding houses and townhouses.  Moving down by stairs is 200 baht per piece per floor (weight must not exceed 80 kg.). Moving by stairs are not over 25 Floor.  Moving up to building by stairs is 400 baht per piece per floor (weight must not exceed 80 kg.). Moving by stairs are not over 25 Floor.
– Does not include moving through windows, balconies, awnings, roofs, crossing fences or others.
– Do not accept moving of all animals and fish tanks of all sizes (because it may damage other items).
– Excluding all kinds of dismantling, such as having to remove doors or windows in order to allow the goods to be moved.
– Do not accept drilling into walls, walls to install products such as pictures, wall-mounted TVs, We will unpack and move them to the destination only but we can not be installed.
– Excluding the cost of materials, special equipment, building guarantee (if any) must be paid by the customer to us.
– During moving service, If the moving team has to stop moving due to rain, elevators have problems, waiting for customers forget the keys, customers have problems with building forensics or other problems that arise from customers or weather conditions. The company has to charge the standby moving team with you as follows: The standby fee is calculated on an hourly basis, which is calculated from the total cost of relocation, including all taxes, divided by 8. The result will be hourly service charge that the customer has to pay the actual hourly. Fraction of minutes, if less than 15 minutes, rounded to 0. If more than 15 minutes but less than 30 minutes, half an hour will be counted, but more than 30 minutes will be rounded to 1 hour.



Moving steps
First, you should select the transfer date that you want first and notify customer service. After that, the Customer Service Department will inform you of the date and time that we can service for you. After the customer approves the transfer price and agrees to use the moving service with us by transferring 50% deposit and making an appointment with our staff. Then just wait until the date of the appointment to move it.
Let’s talk about moving day… 
When the transport team arrives at the customer’s home, the supervisor will check the list in accordance with the information received from the customer is complete and correct or not. After that, packing operations will begin to prevent damage in transit. If it is a house, we always start packing from the ground floor first and the bedroom at last. But if it is a condo, we always start packing from the area near the exit door in order to open the area to be more convenient to work. For the most part, our team starts packing in the kitchen first because we have to wrap glasses, plates, bowls, etc first. As for other areas, staff will pack various miscellaneous items into the boxes that we have prepared.


Pack large pieces of furniture such as sofas, armchairs, mattresses. In addition, our team will disassemble furniture and pack various pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, beds, wall TVs by experts. We guarantee every product that we disassemble and assemble for up to 90 days, but excluding parts and transportation costs 1,500 baht / time (please make an appointment 7 days in advance with customer service).
Immediately move the items that are packaged to prevent damage by six-wheeled vehicles or pickup trucks If it is a six-wheeled vehicle, it will always leave before 3PM, since the six-wheeled vehicle can run in Bangkok from 9AM to 3:30PM and drive again at 8PM – 5AM. 


When reaching the destination, our team will unload items from the truck. In some places such as condos, six-wheeles truck cannot enter or have to be taken into the underground of the condo. We also have pick-up trucks to lift roof out. All our pick-up trucks are able to remove the roof. Customers do not have to wait long time. Some service providers may charge you extra in this case. Some do not remove the roof, leaving you with a long, long stroll. Our professional vehicles are ready to solve any immediate problems.
When we start moving items into the house or condo, we always put big pieces of furniture first. Therefore, you should have a plan for where to place the furniture in the house. The team will put the large pieces of furniture that need to be assembled into the installation site first.
After that, we will assemble the furniture and arrange it in the desired location. 
Remove the protective packing material and remove all the items in the boxes to be placed in cabinets on different shelves, sorted according to customer needs. After that we will collect materials and garbage back to the company so that your home is not cluttered or dirty
In case any customer wants to keep the box before and not let the staff unpack on that day, you have to pay a deposit of our box at the price of 60 baht per box. We would like to charge a box rental fee as follows:
  • Rent M box with size W40 L50 H40 cm. = 30 baht per box per 7 days / If overdue, we will charge additional 10 baht per box per day. As for the deposit of M boxes, the full price is 60 baht per box.
  • Rent wardrobe box with size W50 L50 H100 cm. = 99 baht per box per 7 days / If overdue, we will charge additional 30 baht per box per day. As for the deposit of wardrobe boxes, the full price is 360 baht per box.
  • Travel expenses to pick up the box back in Bangkok price is 500 baht/time. For the metropolitan price is 800 baht/time.
Note:  After you have unpacked items by yourself, please keep the various packing materials that are wrapped for protection for us. 
Recheck your items on our vehicles again. Once the customer has completed the inspection, our supervisor will send you the documents for you to sign the final worksheet to confirm the transfer is complete. In addition, we also allow you to evaluate the quality of service on that day.


When everything is done, our team will ask for permission to take photos with you before returning to the company to keep as a profile for the next job.


Note: Conditions are as specified by the company.
 On the day of the moving is complete, In case you do not want us to unpack any of the items in the box, the company reserves the right not to be held responsible in these cases. If the item is lost or damaged because it is beyond our responsibility and after the customer has signed the end of the moving job. If it appears later that any damages occur, the company will not be liable for anything. It considers that the company has made public announcements for the general public and has sent a link to customers to read first during the quotation period. If you don’t read. There is any problem that cannot be disputed by the company.
*** In the case of claim ***
You must inform our staff at the venue within the day of moving only and to write in the document at the end of the job that want to claim any item and specify the amount, or You can scan the QR code. and send pictures of the damage via LINE to us. Notification of claim after the moving date. We can’t be responsible, so you should let our staff join in checking your belongings that we have packed within the moving day that day.
*The company reserves the right to amend, modify, change or cancel the terms and conditions. including other agreements on the website without prior notice will not be responsible for any damage or expenses incurred either directly or indirectly specifically accidental or consequential caused by your failure to read the information or incomplete reading or deny that this information is unknown.


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