Moving Insurance

The standards of our moving service
We guarantee all moved items according to each actual price, but not more than 50% of price (for moving in Bangkok only).
In case of beyond protection, additional insurance can be purchased, please contact our customer service department.
Our movable items (Please read thoroughly for your benefit)
  • We guarantee any accidents that happen during the transportation, except for accidents resulting from the performance of your order being damaged, we will not be liable in this case.
  • We guarantee products only in the event of breakage. If it cannot be repaired, we will repurchase the item in accordance with its original specification and as close as possible to the original condition. Unless there is no such specification in the market, we will buy you a similar specification.
  • In the event that the product is scratched, we will not be responsible because it is the moving of items that have been used already. Our insurance will not be able to accept a claim in this case. Except it was only scratched from moving. We are pleased to repair for a price not exceeding 50% of price.
  • We do not guarantee any scratches and marks on floors, walls of old locations anywhere except if you move to a new residence or new office (New only). In this case, if you take our staff to inspect the floor and walls before moving into your new residence or new office. Our insurance company will  responsible. In which if the floor and wall are scratched caused by moving. We will fix it for you. But not exceeding 50% of price, You can find a technician to fix by yourself. Just inform us about the cost only. But if you do not take our staff to inspect your office or place together with you. The company will not be responsible for anything because we will not be able to walk to see the place ourselves. If the owner of the house does not take our staff to look at as well.
  • In the event that electronic devices or electrical appliances are not used properly or some data is lost, the company will not be able to accept a claim in this case or in the event that the plug cannot be used, we cannot be responsible in this case. Unless you tested the power plug with our staff before packing and found that “that machine or device still is in normal condition”, we will be able to take responsibility in this case.
  • In the event that you do not remove items from appliances such as tables, cabinets, refrigerators, etc. and it later appears to be damaged in any way, we will not be responsible for this case.
  • We are not responsible for any damage that occurs due to any item packed or stored in the box by yourself in all cases. Therefore, you should allow our staff to pack your vulnerable items instead such as utensils, glass, displays, a computer, dishes. Except for documents or items that are hard to be damaged, you can pack it by yourself.
  • In case of any damage or claim, please notify our staff on the moving day only and must specify in the checklist that which items do you need to claim, the damaged area and take photos and send to our office immediately because if it is later than that, we will not responsible for all cases. If moving is complete and you don’t want us to unpack your items or boxes, the company will not responsible for this case. If any item is lost or damaged, it is beyond our responsibility and it deems to be complete.


9 types of items that Big Move doesn’t move
It is forbidden to move or transport any type of animal because the process may be airtight and can be fatal. In some areas, animal transportation must require permission from the Department of Livestock Development.
2.Illegal drug
We don’t move any illegal drugs. If we find any illegal drugs, we will prosecute to you immediately.
3.Pornographic items
In addition to all pornographic items, including obscene words, signs and patterns.
4.Gun and explosive
It includes guns, bullets, explosive and non-explosive grenades, cartridges or the relevant things.
5.Flammable items
Various flammable oil bottles and various flammable substances. Except for the gas stove because it can turn off the valve (distance up to 50 km).
6.Valuable items
Rings, gold chains, diamonds, jewelry, land title deeds, contract tickets, pledge tickets, wristwatches, amulets, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.
7.Filthy or poisonous item
For the safety of our employees and if we find any filthy or poisonous items, we will not move them.
We do not accept money such as piggy bank money, money stored in a safe, or hidden money we don’t know. Therefore, we do not carry and do not take any responsibility.
In addition to the illegal use of counterfeit or imitated items, moving these items are prohibited and illegal.
Note: Conditions are as specified by the company, the company is subject to change without prior notice.


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