Office Relocation Steps

Review of the office relocation Service


 Company’s announcement dated 8 January 2021


* Office moving service for offices in Bangkok and suburbs only *


Things to know before moving the office

  • We will move the items according to the goods list and the number of pictures and information you provide to us. Or according to where we went to servey your office only. If you need to pack and moving other items. In addition to the items you have informed us. We will not be able to pack or moving such items for you. Unless you pay for the additional service only.
  • We do not carry high-value items such as company rubber stamps, banknotes, cheque books, gold, rings, amulets, wrist watches, various important documents, title deeds, guns, chemicals, flammable and illegal items. Which you should collect and take by yourself Please be informed in advance.
  • We do not accept moving built-in furniture, wooden furniture with nails, air conditioner, CCTV, curtains, muesli, water purifier, chandeliers, thin glass panels on the wall, light walls, partitions that are attached with silicone. These items are not taken down and moving for you.
  • Relocation services that we absolutely do not accept are moving items other than the items agreed upon when quoting, drilling or nailing on walls, windows, doors, cleaning of the place, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Moving things up or down the stairs more than 2 floors if the customer does not notify in advance. On the moving date must have to be moving through the stairs ways. We will charge additional expenses. However, please check with our staff or please ask customer service again. (Service charge for moving up the stairs price 200 baht per piece per floor).
  • Before moving day, You should request a permit for the building and should request a truck parking space for the moving team in advance.
  • Traffic laws in Bangkok city: The six-wheels vehicle is allowed to run at 2 times as follows: A. 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. B. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Moving prices include:

– Regular movers staff with experience in moving

– Vehicles used for transport such as pickup van with high roof trucks, six-wheeles container truck, etc.

– Various packing and moving materials such as boxes, moving blankets, air bubbles, moving dolly, etc.

– We will protect floor and elevator with compressed carpet to prevent damage.

– Every furnitures that is disassembled and assembled with us. We are guarantee for the quality of work to 90 days.


Moving prices excludes:

– Thai VAT 7%

– Moving on weekdays after 5pm, if applicable, we will charge additional OT (please contact the person who take care you).

– Moving on Saturday, we will charge additional OT (please contact the person who take care you).

– Moving on Sunday and holiday, we will charge additional OT (please contact the person who take care you).

– Moving goods beyond the list from quoting.

– Moving by stairs, moving through the window, moving through the balcony, etc.

– Moving air condition, curtains, lights, ceiling, dismantling or drilling walls, etc.

– Parking fee, OT elevator fee, the customer must pay for us.

– Cost of special equipments, building guarantee money (if any), the customer must pay for us.

– During the moving, If we have to stop moving due to heavy rain (your place does not have an umbrella, convenient for moving), the elevator has a problem, waiting for the customer bring a keys, the customer has a problem with the building management or others, which is a problem from customers, the company needs to charge the standby moving team with you as follows: Standby charges are calculated hourly by the total price with tax divided by 8. The result will be hourly service charge. That customers actually have to pay according to the hourly basis. How to cut and round fractions of a minute. If less than 15 minutes rounded to zero, but if more than 15 minutes but less than 30 minutes will be charged half an hour, but if more than 30 minutes will be rounded to 1 hour.


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Delivery & return the document boxes 

The boxes that we lend to use are free to use. The box dimension is W 50 cm, L 40 cm, H 40 cm. Adhesive tape for sealing the box must be supplied by the customer. You should not be full of stuff. They should be put in enough space to lift them to prevent them from breaking during transportation. For your belongings will not be damaged during transportation. You should notify customer service before the date you want to use it. At least 7 days in advance. So we can prepare the boxes and arrange a delivery date for you to return the box when you do not wish to use the boxes. Please inform us at least 3-7 days in advance and Please help to keep the boxes to be returned in the shade as well. Because the boxes will have to be rotated to continue to use. We do not charge for delivery – return the boxes back to the company. We can delivery and return boxes for free only 1 time. In case of wanting to send or receive the box next time, We will charge 900 baht per time on 10 am to 3pm.





At origin


1. When our staff arrive on time at the origin of the customer’s office. The supervisor, we will bring you to inspect all of us to put mask on the nose and mouth completely. Take a fever and wash your hands with alcohol gel. Before entering your office Or in some buildings, there will be a security guard to check the fever and wash hands with alcohol. The building staff will checking everyone befroe takes the elevator to the customer office. All our movers willing to strictly comply with the building regulations of each place.



When our supervisor goes to see a customers. The supervisor will check the items with customers first. That is the item in accordance with the information received from the customer is complete, correct or not. And after that, the packing team will begin packing the items to prevent further moving damage.

We always start packing and disassembling large pieces of furniture first. The disassembly team will begin to disassemble the parts. To make it easy to move out by our technician who has direct experience in removing furniture. And when a team of technicians is completely disassembled. They will begin to pack disassembled items and pack other things in the office. Such as conference tables, sofas, desks, file cabinets, computers, copiers, etc. We will start packing near the exit door first and move it out first. To open up the area to be more convenient to move out.

*** We will use carpets or corrugated paper to protect the building floor and protect the elevator before moving both the origin and destination ***



Big Move. We are a professional office relocation company. We provide the following protection packages for customers (subject to change as appropriate for the event):

  • The desk is wrapped in the front of every table with a blanket.
  • Sofas, work chairs, low cabinets, file cabinets, shelves wrapped in blankets.
  • Computer set wrap it in air bubble first and wrapped in blanket and put in to box and seal red tape to know that it is fragile.
  • Conference table when disassembled, we will pack it with a blanket and cover the corners with a thick cloth. Some of movers company  often use air bubbles. Which does not help prevent weighty items. When the corner is hit. Air bubbles will burst. As we used to squeeze And it will remain only a thin film. Did not help each other damage.
  • Partitions, if there is a mirror, we will wrap it in corrugated paper and wrap it with film.
  • Documents and personal items, We have a moving box available for free to borrow unlimited. Free drop-off and pick-up and OPP tape is supplied by the customer.
  • Please note standard packing is as follows. Except in some cases where the moving is difficult and hurry to race against time. Depending on the discretion of the company, the company reserves the right to make any changes as appropriate without prior notice.



2. Our moving team, we have  2 parts A. packing team B. moving team. We will moving out according to the plan specified by our supervisor. To provide the fastest and safest move for moving items out of the origin building. If you have any changes, please notify our staff.




3. Moving all packed items and prevent damage. Go down the elevator or the stairs. To take things onto a six-wheels truck or pickup van high roof truck. In order to prepare to leave the place of origin go to destination. The moving will be slow or fast depending on where it is very important. Because if the elevator is slow or has to compete for use. All moving items will be slow. If possible, you may apply for building legal proceedings. Help to lock one elevator for use with your company for speedy move. If you can lock levator for us. It will be very beneficial for handling move.



4. When the things get off the elevator is complete. The moving team will arrange the items in the truck. If they have computers, Copier, mirror, TV, we will carry by pickup van high roof truck. Because if carried on six wheels, there is a very high chance that the items will break. Our six wheels truck have with a rear lift. Can help shorten the time of loading to truck. For go to the destination, We will try to leave as soon as possible or before 3pm. The six wheels truck can drive in Bangkok from 9am to 3:30pm. The Truck can start drive again from 8pm to 5am. For saturday and sunday and holidays, The six whells truck can drive all day and not stick to time.



At destination:


5. When reaching the destination, The moving team will carry out various items from the truck. Some office buildings, six-wheels truck cannot enter or have to be taken underground. We also have pick-up van high roof trucks to transfer to the elevator. All of our pick-up van high roof trucks are able to remove the roof. Customers do not have to wait long time. Because some movers company cannot remove the roof, they have to move items by small dolly so far and waste your precious time, sometimes move finish after 9pm. We are professional movers to prepared and solve problems immediately.



6. When moving fiurnitures and office equipments get on the elevator and come to the new office. We always put large pieces of furniture into place first. Which will move into your tags as you want or according to the following plan: We will move desk into place first. We will know who the table is. And will be able to place the computer and document box correctly to desk. After that we will move various file cabinets to arranged according to the plan. After that, other goods items of the minor size are moved and placed follow a plan.



7. After that, we will proceed to assemble furniture and accessories according to the plan that the customer wants. Our company have a quality guarantee for dismantle and assembly all furniture items for a maximum of 90 days. Any moving company does not guarantee the quality of dismantle and assembly all furniture items, do not to choose. Because of the cost of a technician to repair and service charges was expensive. But if move with us, If there is any problem arising from our disassembly and assembly service. We can service you free of charge. (Other conditions, Please refer to the quotation mainly)



8. Remove the protective packing materials. After that we will collect materials and other garbage bring it back to our company. Your office will not cluttered or dirty.



9. We will take customers to check all vehicles before returning to the company. That nothing of you is attached to our vehicles. When the customer inspected is completed. Our supervisor will provide documents for you to sign the final worksheet for confirm the moving today is complete. It also allows you to assess the quality of service today as well.



10. The moving team will ask for permission to take pictures with customers before returning to the company. For keep it as a our profile.



Remark:  Conditions are as specified by the company.

On the day of moving was completed. If you do not want us to unpack any of the appliances in the box. The company will reserves the right not to be held responsible in this case for lost or damaged. Because it is beyond our responsibility. And after the customer signs the movement certificate document. After this we can not responsibility of any damage has occurred.

The company will not be responsible for any, which will be considered that the company has announced to the public for the general public to know. And sent a link to this message for customers to read on during the quotation period. If you don’t read. Then is any problem. You  can not dispute the company.


*** In case of having damaged items, want to claim ***

You must inform our staff at the venue within the moving date only.  You must write on the end of the movent certificate document that want to claim of any item and specify the amount. If you do not check the things completely by that day. Then found the damage after that the company will not be able to be responsible. Thank you.